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Constructive Writing – Pars construens pars destruens.

Here below planning of my statement writing. I have applied constructivist theory in a sense that the writing was shaped around the thoughts I have collected during these months.    

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My teaching observation

When it comes to self reflective learning I particularly value one to one activities. One to one sessions are very useful when the student feels the need to receive a coaching form of learning. I had a one to one activity for my teaching observation and the student has confirmed my insight that one to one sessions […]

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Playing with the Matrix

    Issues with encountered with assessment criteria: Normative Phrases Irrelevancy with project intended learning outcomes Cultural myths and tropes around grade Ambiguity of language Quality vs Process – Who does establish the value of a piece of work Who should guide processes of evaluation – students processes or student abilities? Where does the value […]

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Contextual Learning

  Context inform and determine what we do and how we do it. David Byrne in this amazing speech through the evolution of music recording how our intention, our passion, our messages and the way  we choose to communicate them are determined by the environment where they are applied to. How does that apply to […]

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Asimov and Aoun on the future of learning

  In this interesting excerpt Asimov anticipates that the rise of machines and a democratised access to a continuous stream of data would enable a one to one relationship between source of information and recipient. If on one side this social revolution challenges the humanitarian essence of learning as suggested by the interlocutor, it also […]

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Micro Teach Planning

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Inclusive Teaching – On Race

The strength of Shade of Noir‘s  platform lies either in the range of resources and formats provided to the learner and the specificity of topics offered in form of case studies. Even more importantly the association of faces to stories and reports, helps the reader to relate and identify with the treated subjects with relative […]

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Inclusive Teaching – On Faith

I must start by saying that I am quite surprised by how informative, well organised and structured the mini site focused on Religious Literacy is. If compared with the portal directed to Gender equality, the lack of uniformity and content continuity between both sites, should absolutely be a matter of reflection of its own before delving any further into […]

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Inclusive Teaching – On Gender

Gender Diversity at UAL If awareness stems out of exposure and if exposure is nurtured by conversations and interrogations,  I’ve felt that the resources provided by UAL, an institution presented as an environment that celebrates diversity, individuality and innovation, were quite poor, vague and defective. Unequivocally challenges and discourses around individual identity suggest the need of […]

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I’ve graduated with the aspiration to establish myself as an independent practitioner. As tantalising and inspiring the idea of being an independent practitioner can be, dedicated to projects that are relevant and pertinent to your expertise, one of the hardest challenges to overcome once out of the safe net of education, is your personal ability […]

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